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Brant, Joseph

Speaker: Jean Rae Baxter. Gower, Peter. Limelight, November 2015

Bray, Carl - Speaker

Heritage Conservation-Sydenham Ward. Bray, McKendry. Limelight, May 2008

Bray, Lucinda - Speaker

Wartime Housing and life of the inhabitants. Grimshaw, Lou. Limelight, May 2016

Original airfield in Kingston, Kingscourt. Shaw, Marc. Limelight, October 2017

Breck, Dr. Wallace - speaker

Fort Frontenac 1680 - 1690. Then, March 1992

North West Mounted Police. 4/5 commissioners Kingston. Then, March 1994

Sir Archibald Macdonell: Commandant RMC, Pres KHS. Then, March 1996

Breck, Dr. Wallace G.

KHS Award 1993: bio. Then, January 1994

Breck, Dr. Wally 1917 - 2001

KHS Award. Past President. Fitsell & Isobel Trumpour. Limelight, March 2001

Brennan, Terri-Lynn - Speaker

Indigenous-White Peoples interaction. McDowall, Duncan. Limelight, February 2020

Brewer's Mill-Pine Grove Methodist Church

Built 21 Feb 1875;burned 1926 memorial restored 2007. Osborne, Brian. Limelight, May 2007

Brewery, Kingston: Bejus

308 Wellington St. since 1793. Interior a ruin. Also Apr'92. Gibson-Langille, Shirley. Limelight, January 2003

Bring your Thing program

Museums enhanced from Kingston's homes. Limelight, January 2018

Brock St. in 1963

Hall's Plumbing, Domas Gallery, Murphy's Seafood. Gibson-Langille, Shirley. Limelight, September 2005

Brooke, Janet - Speaker

Collecting English- & French-Canadian Art. Home, Heather. Limelight, November 2008

Brothers Islands betw Amherst&Lemoine Pt

Speaker: Stewart Renfrew. Then, April 1997

Brown, Julian - Arts Council of Kingston

Kingston Prize in Portraiture. Home, Heather. Limelight, April 2007

Buggy: "Democrat"

Connolly Carriage Works, Yarker abt 1910. Then, March 1997

Buildings Architectural/Historical Kingston

6 Volumes indexed by KHS members. Then, March 1996

Burdsall, Bernard Henry 1921 - 2006

KHS member deceased. Limelight, May 2006

Burdsall, Margaret & Bernard, 60th Anniv

Margaret handled membership, Historic Kingstons. O'Meara, Desmond. Limelight, October 2003

Burdsall, Margaret: died 2015

Life member of KHS. Limelight, March 2015

Businesses in Downtown Kingston

Speakers: Heather Home, Marc Raymond, Dalton, Berry. Abbott, John. Limelight, September 2006

By, Col. John - construction of Rideau Canal

Celebration held 13 March 1832. Osborne, Brian. Limelight, March 2007

Celebration of Col John By: 13 Mar 1832. Osborne, Brian. Limelight, March 2007