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By, Lt. Col. John, birthplace plaque

Frant Church, Kent UK - memorial. Waddell-Townsend, Joyce. Limelight, September 2007

Camden East paintings

Shirley Gibson-Langille exhibition. Then, September 1995

Camera Kingston

Formerly Jackson Metivier's Ladies Clothing Wear. Gibson-Langille, Shirley. Limelight, October 2013

Cameron, Dr. Christina - Speaker

Director General, National Historic Sites: Macdonald. Limelight, May 2004

Canadian Art Index by Blake McKendry

Painting, sculpture, folk art, art terms, artists.. Then, October 1997

Canadian War Museum

Links with Murney Tower Museum. Then, May 1998

Canals: Erie and Rideau

From Wales in 1817 to Kingston in 2013. Osborne, Brian. Limelight, March 2013

Capital Day, First. 15 Jun 1841

GG Sydenham opened parliament, hospital building. Milne, Ian R.. Limelight, September 2003

Capital Day, First. Celebration 1999

Limelight, September 1999

Cardwell, Robert Clarke:KHS Award 2005

Pittsburgh Historical Society. Limelight, January 2006

Carleton Island: Fort Haldiman

Work party to remove summac and undergrowth. Then, September 1998

Doug Pippin engaged to clear and mark remains. Fitsell, Bill. Limelight, December 1999

Archaeological dig summer 2001. Pippin, Doug. Limelight, April 2001

Speaker: Doug Pippin, Oswego State College. MacLachlan, Alan. Limelight, October 2004

Carleton Island: International Dispute

Speaker: Walter Lewis. Hagermann, Smyth, Mahaghan. Ridley, Ron. Limelight, October 2013

Carley, Georgina - Speaker

Kingston's sidewalks, the mud. Boutilier, Alicia. Limelight, November 2012

Carruthers, Maj. Bruce, Signals Corps

Speaker: David McCarey. Boutilier, Alicia. Limelight, February 2012

Carruthers, Major Wallace Bruce Matthews

Founder: Canadian Signals Corps, died 21 Oct 1910. Ginn, Peter. Limelight, November 2010

Carter, John - Speaker

Rebellion 1838; prisoners expelled to Tasmania. Limelight, May 2015

Carter, Rodney - Speaker

Religious Hospitalers to Hotel Dieu Hospital. Grenda, Edward. Limelight, April 2009

Cartwright Family

Recorded on cross-stitch-on-paper bookmark. McKendry, Jennifer. Limelight, April 2006

Cartwright, Harriett

Influential Kingstonian. Cosby, Victoria. Limelight, March 2020

Cartwright, Prof John - Speaker

The Cartwrights of Kingston. Grimshaw, Lou. Limelight, September 2016

Cartwright, Sir Richard 1835 - 1912

MLA, MP, Senate. - architect of Liberal victory 1891. Limelight, December 1999

Cartwrights of Kingston

Speaker: Prof John Cartwright. Grimshaw, Lou. Limelight, September 2016