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Cataraqui Archaeolgical Research Fnd

Formed 1984. In severe financial duress. Then, September 1993

Stella-Buck Bldg, J.K. Tett building to be saved. Then, November 1993

Cataraqui Cemetery

Archeological dig - Summer 1978. Carson, Pat. Limelight, December 2017

Cataraqui Cemetery 1850 - program

Speaker: Jennifer McKendry. Weep Not For Me. Then, April 1995

Cataraqui Cemetery: KHS Award 2000

Founded 1850. Pike, Jack. Limelight, January 2001

Cataraqui River Trail

Project proposal from downtown to Kingston Mills. Farrar, Mary and Ed. Limelight, December 2010

Cataraqui Trail Update

Farrar, Mary and Ed. Limelight, February 2011

Cataraqui's Columbarium painting

Painting in a cemetery. Gibson-Langille, Shirley. Limelight, December 2004

Catholic Apostolic Church

285 Queen St evolves to Renaissance Event Venue. Gibson-Langille, Shirley. Limelight, March 2012

Caton, Dr. Julie - Speaker

Madleine d Roybon D'Allone. Ridley, Ron. Limelight, April 2013

Cemeteries & Graveyards-Ontario, Historic

Author: Jennifer McKendry. Limelight, September 2003

Census 1841 - most not available

Except for Ward 4: from above Princess St to the water.. Then, March 1995

Census Records since 1841

Access is being denied to records from 1911 onward. Then, November 1998

Centennial Dinner: Garrison Restaurant

Fort Henry, 10 Dec 1993. $40. Then, October 1993

Ceramics: Antique Ceramics Society

Ron Whate, Mateiral Culture, Parks Canada, speaker. Then, November 1992

CFB Kingston, Saving

Speaker: Brent Mills. Richard, Milliken, Holmberg. Shaw, Marc. Limelight, February 2019

Chains of Office, Mayor's

Description and interpretation. McAskill, Ian. Limelight, May 2002

Champlain: Fall 1615, Winter 1616

Wounded at Ft Onondaga; wintered in Huronia. Osborne, Brian. Limelight, May 2009

Charitable Giving to KHS

Donations above membership fees; life members consider. Then, November 1996

Charlesville, Kingston subdivision

Stuart brothers: James, Charles, John, George 1820s+. Renfrew, Stewart; Spragge. Limelight, February 2002

Chez Piggy: Zal and Rose Yanovsky

Reconstructed Chez Piggy & Pan Chancho (44 Princess). Osborne, Brian. Limelight, January 2003

Cholera Epidemic 1832

Speaker: Maxine Chouinard. Limelight, April 2016

Chouinard, Maxine - Speaker

Cholera Epidemic 1832. Limelight, April 2016

Christmas Gift - membership in KHS

Also the Sesquicentennial coins: gold, silver and copper. Then, November 1996

Christmas Party 1992

PWOR Armory and museum. Then, January 1993