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Wolfe Island Township Hall: 1859

Plaque unveiled 15 Aug 1992. Then, September 1992

Women admitted to university

Mount Allison was first: 1854; Queen's :1872. Granatstein, Hillier. Limelight, November 2003

Women leadership in KHS

List of many women and their contributions. Fitsell, Bill. Limelight, March 2006

Women, Pageant of the Famous

1925: locals dress as the world's famous women. Osborne, Brian. Limelight, February 2010

Women: jobs of the rich and poor

Speaker: Sharon Rudy. Queen's PhD candidate. Then, October 1993

Women's History Network, Ontario

Conference: stories of women throughout our history. Then, November 1994

Wool Sculptures of Historical Figures

Speaker: Gesina Laird-Buchanan. Shaw, Marc. Limelight, November 2017

Woolen/Cotton Mill

Author: Bruce Warmington "But Before That …". Limelight, February 2003

World Heritage Listing

Evaluation stage with interviews: Grenville, Everett. Smith, Maurice. Limelight, October 2006

World War II

Documentary film review. Gower, Peter. Limelight, February 2019

World War II - looking back 50 years

1 million Canadians served, 42,042 lost their lives.. Then, May 1995

WW1 fatalities

Names listed. Gower, Peter. Limelight, April 2008

WW1 Life in Kingston, June 1914

From the newspapers. Gower, Peter. Limelight, May 2014

WW1 Nurse in uniform

Barbara Monk as re-enactor. Limelight, May 2014

WW1 sites in Kingston

Author: Peter Gower. Barnes, Eva. Limelight, September 2014

X-Ray Machine: Queen's in 1896 - Program

Speaker: Dr. Charles Hayter. X-rays discovered 1895. Then, October 1996

X-Rays in Kingston

Early 20c medical technology exhibit and talk. Then, May 1996

Speaker: Dr. Charles Hayter, Radiation Oncologist. Then, September 1996

Yeomans, Nan: Artist

Founding member of School of Art. Video project. O'Meara, Margaret. Limelight, November 2002

Yeomans, Nan: Artist died 1923 - 2004

Video by Valerie Westgate. O'Meara, Margaret. Limelight, October 2004

Yukon Gold Rush: Sourdoughs, Stampeders

QUILL speaker: Paul Van Nest (2 lectures). Barnes, Eva. Limelight, April 2020