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Abbott, John

Adams, Nick - Archaeologist - Speaker. How archaeologists determine human history. Limelight, October 2005.

Alcan during WW2. Speakers: Eric VanDalen, Martin Reeve. Limelight, December 2005.

Archaeological Research Foundation. Speaker: Sue Bazely. Market Square dig. Limelight, May 2006.

Archaeology - 10,000 Years - program. Speaker: Nick Adams and how they do it. Limelight, October 2005.

Auction: 3rd Annual 2006. Raised $1,198, including painting "Penny Bridge"=$400. Limelight, March 2006.

Banfield, Paul - Speaker. Queen's first Law School 1861 - 1864. Limelight, October 2006.

Bazely, Sue - Speaker. Archaeological Research Fnd & Market Square dig. Limelight, May 2006.

Businesses in Downtown Kingston. Speakers: Heather Home, Marc Raymond, Dalton, Berry. Limelight, September 2006.

Christmas Party 2006. At Frontenac Mess, Awards and quartet singing carols. Limelight, January 2007.

Defense Policy following Confederation. Speaker: Desmond Morton. Limelight, February 2006.

Dry Dock & Shipyard. Speaker: Maurice Smith. Rise and fall.. Limelight, February 2006.

Families - Early Years. Speaker: Prof Keith Johnson. Macdonalds, Shaws, Clark. Limelight, April 2006.

Ivey, Donna - Speaker. Role of Robert Wallace in commission on "quack cures". Limelight, December 2006.

Johnson, Prof Keith - Speaker. Families: Macdonald, Shaw, Clark, Green Whitney. Limelight, April 2006.

Law School, Queen's Univ - 1 of 3 spkrs. Speaker: Paul Banfield. Only 3 years: 1861 - 1864. Limelight, October 2006.

Lukits, Dr. Steve - Speaker. Whig-Standard Evolution: 1989-2002. Limelight, April 2005.

Macdonald, SJA. Nature of politics. Speaker: Prof Vivian Nelles. RMC birthday party. Limelight, February 2007.

Macdonald: "Private Demons". Speaker: Patricia Phenix. Father, brother James, Isabella. Limelight, November 2006.

Morton, Desmond - Speaker. Defense policy following Confederation. Limelight, February 2006.

Nelles, Prof Vivian - Speaker. Macdonald and nature of politics in his time. Limelight, February 2007.

NWMP Major James Walsh. Speaker: Brian Porter. One of nine original officers. Limelight, November 2005.

Parker's Journal: A Troublesome Berth. Speaker: Bob Andrews. Intro to Lt. Parker. Limelight, February 2007.

Phenix, Patricia - Speaker. Macdonald: drunken father, death of brother, Isabella. Limelight, November 2006.

Porter, Brian - Speaker. Major James Walsh, NWMP. Limelight, November 2005.

Seward, Blake - Speaker. Student project researching Smiths Falls WW2 casualty. Limelight, May 2005.