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Banfield, Paul: KHS Award 2018

Queen's University Archivist. Limelight, January 2019

Bank of Montreal

1818 established in Kingston. Current building 1924. Fitsell, Bill. Limelight, March 2005

Beginnings in 1818. Waddell-Townsend, Joyce. Limelight, October 2012

Barber Shop of Ernie Warmington

373 King St. E. Friend of Dollar Bill. Gibson-Langille, Shirley. Limelight, September 2001

Barlow, Gillian - Speaker

Industrialization of Kingston: manual, animal, steam. Home, Heather. Limelight, November 2007

Barlow, Tony - Speaker

Morton Building (Tett Centre): brewery, hospital, arts. Home, Heather. Limelight, November 2007

Barnes, Mother: Witch of Plum Hollow

Predictions of thefts and even identifying a murderer. Gibson-Langille, Shirley. Limelight, May 2004

Bath Road, Old Road, Hillview Rd

Evolution of roadway east of Collins Bay. Renfrew, Stewart. Limelight, May 2011

Bath: Mueum and Archives Jane Foster

Book of 13 vignettes: beliefs, activities, photographs. Then, November 1996

Battersea: square stone office building

"The Bucket of Blood", office of Grist Mill. Gibson-Langille, Shirley. Limelight, April 2003

Battersea: Ye Olde Barber Shoppe

A hardware store too.. Gibson-Langille, Shirley. Limelight, April 2001

Battery 22nd. Royal Cdn Field Artillery

WW1 flag ensconced in St. George's Cathedral. Gower, Peter. Limelight, March 2004

Baxter, Jean Rae - Speaker

Joseph Brant. Gower, Peter. Limelight, November 2015

John Graves Simcoe and wife Elizabeth. Grimshaw, Lou. Limelight, February 2017

Black Loyalists. Shaw, Marc. Limelight, March 2018

Bazely, Sue - Speaker

Life of Molly Brant. Then, April 1996

Archaeological Research Fnd & Market Square dig. Abbott, John. Limelight, May 2006

Archeology - burial sites. Grimshaw, Lou. Limelight, April 2017

Bazely, Susan retires

Outline of her work and contributions. Fitsell, Bill. Limelight, May 2011

Bebee, Ed: Author

Pathfinders: The Guides of the Rideau. Limelight, November 2004

Bedford-Jones, Ret. Bishop Michael

RMC dinner: his family and Sir John A.. Richardson, Anne. Limelight, March 2016

Beharriel, Pat - Speaker

Author and guiding light: "The Domino Affair". Limelight, January 2003

Bell Company offices in Kingston

Speaker: John Grenville. Ridley, Ron. Limelight, May 2014

Bellevue House

Still Standing. McKendry, Jennifer. Limelight, October 2017

Bermingham, Cornelius John 'Spike'

Book Review. RMC grad, WW2, dock-builder. Fitsell, Bill. Limelight, April 2001