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Beth Israel Synagogue

Speaker: Dr. Gordon Dueck. Jewish population. Home, Heather. Limelight, April 2008

Beyond the Classrooms

School Children taught in Museum settings. Limelight, January 2018

Bidwell, Dean of St. George's

Capt. Constantine saved his daughter. Ginn, Peter. Limelight, April 2016

Bieler, André - role in Queen's Art Ctr

Collaborated with Agnes Etherington from1936 to 1954. Limelight, September 1999

Birds-eye view: Waterfront 1875

Brosius drawing. Dillon, George; Page,David. Limelight, April 2007

Bishop, Evelyn: paintings by Alice Pratt

Gifted early views of Kingston and Gananoque. Then, October 1995

Black Loyalists

Speaker: Jean Rae Baxter. Shaw, Marc. Limelight, March 2018

Blacks in Kingston - 1837

Rev. Hiram Wilson visits from St. Catharines. Osborne, Brian. Limelight, February 2008

Blockhouse: northend on Sydeham St.

North end of Kingston's defensive. McKendry, Jennifer. Limelight, November 2008

Boat that never floated: Nancy J

Capsized as soon as launched; wheelhouse too heavy. Gibson-Langille, Shirley. Limelight, April 2002

Boese, Mike - Speaker

RCHA - Royal Canadian Horse Artillery. Fielding, John: Editor. Limelight, February 2009

Bonner, Barbara: short bio

Incoming secretary. Then, February 1993

Bottle Manufacturing in Kingston

Book review: "Kingston Beverage Bottlers". Goodyer, Dobing. Limelight, November 2003

Boucher, Armand "Joe": daughter

Violent deaths of his daughter Bonnie & her husband David. Limelight, September 1999

Boucher, Armand "Joe": KHS Award 1997

Then, January 1998

Boucher, Armand Gerard: died 21 Oct 1997

KHS services: president, membership chair, editor. Then, November 1997

Boucher, Joe: Membership Chair

Trials of the job. The joys - when members renew!. Then, January 1994

Boucher, Joe: president 1996-1997

Biography. Then, February 1996

Boucher, Joe: President 1997

Priorities: housekeeping - bylaws, committees, publications. Then, February 1997

Boutilier, Alicia - Speaker

Heritage Quilt Collection, Agnes Etherington Art Ctr. Grenda, Edward. Limelight, April 2011

Bowell, Mackenzie, PrimeMinister 1894-96

Plaque, Belleville Cemetery but not on Parliament Hill. Simmons, Marjorie. Limelight, December 1999

Bowell, Sir Mackenzie: 5th Prime Minister

Belleville Cemetery. Hastings Cty HS. Then, October 1993

Bradstreet captures Ft. Frontenac

Speaker: Robert Andrews. MacLachlan, Alan. Limelight, April 2003

Bradstreet, Col. John

Plaque unveiled Breakwater Park, 18 Apr 2012.Also May12. Limelight, April 2012

Brandon, Dr. Laura - Speaker

Group of Seven during WW1. McDowall, Duncan. Limelight, March 2020