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Abbot, Charlotte Macaulay died 1994

Obituary. Then, May 1994

Abernathy, Ruth: Sculpture

RMC Speaker: bronzes of the famous including SJA. Limelight, February 2013

Aboriginal (Mississauga) War Monument

Alderville. Commemorating the 33 enlisted, 9 dead. Limelight, November 2001

Adams, Nick - Archaeologist - Speaker

How archaeologists determine human history. Abbott, John. Limelight, October 2005

Addresses: numbers on streets

Princess St numbers changed. Then, April 1993

Adolphustown: Allison House 1876

Amelia Allison b 1853. Gibson-Langille, Shirley. Limelight, October 2002

Advertisement: Groceries in 1856

Items and prices quoted. Then, March 1994

Agnes Etherington Art Centre

History of its founding and purpose. Limelight, September 1999

Airfield, original Kingston

A Fortified Town. Fechter, Carl. Limelight, December 2016

Speaker: Lucinda Bray. Kingscourt location. Shaw, Marc. Limelight, October 2017

Alcan during WW2

Speakers: Eric VanDalen, Martin Reeve. Abbott, John. Limelight, December 2005

Alexander, Dr. David - Speaker

Paediatrics at Queen's. See also Apr'93. Then, March 1993

Alexander, Dr. David and Dr. Jean

Joined KHS. Short biographies. Then, December 1992

Alexander, Dr. David Spens died 1999

Pediatrician and educator. Limelight, September 1999

American Civil War - 54,000 Canadians

Lorraine Bogardus, Pres. Morristown Fnd.. Then, January 1996

American Civil War and Kingston

Speaker: Bruce Cossar. Gower, Peter. Limelight, May 2018

American Civil War impacts Confederation

Speaker: Paul Van Nest. Shaw, Marc. Limelight, February 2018

American Civil War: Grant vs Jackson

Speaker: Edwin Bearss, Civil War Round Table. Van Nest, Paul. Limelight, May 2002

American Perspective on Kingston 1890

A "dyspetic" viewpoint. Osborne, Brian. Limelight, March 2011

Andrews, Robert - Speaker

Parker's Journal: A Troublesome Berth. Limelight, March 2009

Andrews, Robert James

KHS Award: 2011. Limelight, January 2012

Andrews, Robert James: died 2013

Obituary. MacLachlan, Alan. Limelight, December 2013

Angus, Dr. William

KHS Award: editor Historic Kingston, historic plays. Then, January 1995

Angus, Dr. William: died 1996

Husband of Marjorie.Queen's Drama.HK editor v24 - 34. Then, May 1996

Angus, Margaret

Tribute book on her contributions to Kingston. McKendry and Osborne. Limelight, May 2011