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Art Collecting Society in 1950s & 60s

Speaker: Janet Brooke-director, Agnes Etherington Ctr. Home, Heather. Limelight, November 2008

Art Show: If Walls Could Talk

Held at Bethel Church. Smithson, Gord. Limelight, September 2006

Art100 - photo register of 100 exhibitions

Doug Petty. Then, May 1994

Art100 Show: KHS Centennial

Bill Fitzell's Centennial Contribution: 30 pictures now. Then, May 1993

Display of 80 oils in Wilson Rm, Library. Oct'93 2-5pm. Then, October 1993

102 pictures on display. Very enthusiastically attended. Then, November 1993

Artifacts Show and Tell at AGM

First "annual" - many artifacts and pictures. MacLachlan, Alan. Limelight, March 2001

Artifacts: how to dispose those not relevant

Policy and procedures announced. Then, November 1994

Artists, The Kingston Artists Workshop

Founded in 1960. List of members. Gibson-Langille, Shirley. Limelight, April 2006

Auction: 1st Annual 2004

At AGM. Almost $1,000 raised. MacLachlan, Alan. Limelight, March 2004

Auction: 2nd Annual 2005

At AGM. List of some items auctioned. MacLachlan, Alan. Limelight, March 2005

Auction: 3rd Annual 2006

Raised $1,198, including painting "Penny Bridge"=$400. Abbott, John. Limelight, March 2006

Auction: 4th Annual 2007

Art and Artifacts. Fielding, John: Editor. Limelight, March 2007

Audio-visual Advice for presentations

Editor's frustration showing through. Still timely advice. Warren, James: Editor. Then, May 1996

Aviation in Kingston

Speaker: Don Connely. Highlights by year.. Then, October 1992

Award of Merit: received 1953

American Assoc for State/Local History. Eastern NA. Then, November 1993

Awards Ceremony at Ft Frontenac Mess

Awards to Bea Corbett and Brit Smith. Grenda, Edward. Limelight, January 2010

Awards Committee

Added a fourth member and will recycle one each year. Then, April 1995

Awards: list of recipients 1993+

KHS Awards (December of each year).

Axworthy, Tom

Speaker at RMC Dinner. Home, Heather. Limelight, February 2009

Aykroyd, Peter and sister Judy Harvie

Researching their family for their stories. MacLachlan, Alan. Limelight, October 2002

Badham, Mark - Speaker

Geology of the Kingston area. Boutilier, Alicia. Limelight, May 2012

Bain, Angus: Queen's Arts grad 1888

Speaker: Bruce Cossar in costume - reminiscences. Home, Heather. Limelight, May 2007

Bajus Brewery: 1857 to present

308 Wellington St. Many owners/uses. See also Jan'03. Then, April 1992

Banfield, Paul - Speaker

Queen's first Law School 1861 - 1864. Abbott, John. Limelight, October 2006