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Angus, Margaret

Great Grandaughter Sarah: Perth Heritage Fair Award. Osborne, Brian. Limelight, January 2016

Remembering: granddaughter Sarah Remembers. Limelight, March 2020

Angus, Margaret. Order of Canada

List of her accomplishments. Then, September 1992

Angus, Margaret: 1908 - 2008

Author: "Old Stones of Kingston". McKendry, Jennifer. Limelight, March 2008

Angus, Margaret: KHS Award 1995

Author: "Old Stones of Kingston". Then, January 1996

Angus, William and Margaret

65th wedding anniversary. Contributions of both. Then, September 1994

Anniversaries, How to Mark

Peter H. Aykroyd's principles. Fitsell, Bill. Limelight, October 2005

Apps, Syl: died 1999

Distinguished athlete, politician, benefactor, life member. Then, February 1999

Arboretum at Queen's University

Summerhill front yard: trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants. Limelight, October 1999

Archaeological Foundation, Cataraqui 2002

KHS Award: Sue Bazely, David Baird, Richard Baiden. Limelight, January 2003

Archaeological Research Foundation

Speaker: Sue Bazely. Market Square dig. Abbott, John. Limelight, May 2006

Archaeological Study of Kingston. Journal

Editor: Sue Bazely. Forts and Military Fortifications. Bazely, Sue. Limelight, March 2007

Archaeology - 10,000 Years - program

Speaker: Nick Adams and how they do it. Abbott, John. Limelight, October 2005

Archeologists, Ghosts of Christmas Past

Sue Bazeley program on Hay Bay Church Cemetery. Then, November 1993

Archeology, burial sites - program

Speaker: Sue Bazely. Grimshaw, Lou. Limelight, April 2017

Architects Working … 1820 - 1920

New Book featuring ~100 Kingston architects. McKendry, Jennifer. Limelight, October 2019

Architectural Conservancy Ontario

Symposium Port Hope, Apr'93. Then, April 1993

Architecture in Canada, Society - 1974

Jennifer McKendry. Annual Conf May 1993. Then, November 1992

Architecture of Kingston's Buildings

Fielding, John. Limelight, April 2019

Archival Research Techniques

Queen's Archives: series of 3 seminars. Boucher, Joe: Editor. Then, January 1992

Archives of Ontario

Toronto at 77 Grenville St. Plea for government support. Then, April 1992

Archivists of Kingston - Speakers

Banfield, Heil, Hughes, Respondek, Carter. Grenda, Edward. Limelight, December 2009

Armistice Day: legislated on 23 May 1921

Celebrated in Kingston in 1919 from 7 to 11 Nov. Limelight, November 1999

Armoury: Artillery Officers Quarters

Photo described ~1900: 104-108 Montreal, Ft Frontenac. Then, March 1993

Armstrong Farm, Herb - Wolfe Island

Gibson-Langille, Shirley. Limelight, May 2011