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Durant, Vincent

Pigeons at RMC & Donald Cameron. Commandant: Royal Military College. Limelight, November 2019.

Durno, Elizabeth

Mackenzie, Alexander. Speaker: John Morgan. 2nd PM, 3 of Kingston's towers. Limelight, October 2019.

Morgan, John - Speaker. Alexander Mackenzie: stone mason to Prime Minister. Limelight, October 2019.

Errington, Jane: Editor

Fort Henry: $5 million in funding: 2002. Jane Errington editorial: pg 2. Limelight, January 2002.

Errington/Osborne: Editors

Historical Societies: Eastern Ontario. A list. Limelight, May 2001.

Kingston Heritage Alliance. Umbrella for 17 heritage organizations in Kingston. Limelight, March 2001.

Kingston: Most historic city in Ontario?. Reasons why. Limelight, December 2001.

National Archives of Canada - Ottawa. Collections both public and private from across Canada. Limelight, April 2001.

Tall Ships. Brigantine. Limelight, September 2001.

Time Capsule, Millenium. To be opened in 2050. Limelight, February 2001.

Uncle Ezra's New Year Reverie Jan 2001. 20th Century begins - poem by Joe Lincoln. Limelight, January 2001.

Everett, Warren

Monuments, Memorials and Markers. KHS publication. Limelight, October 2001.

Everitt, Warren

Chung, Pieter: roof of Murney Tower. Museum Open House, 25 June 2003. Limelight, September 2003.

Chung, Pieter: roof of Murney Tower. Survives the shut-down during WW2. Limelight, October 2012.

Chung, Pieter: roof of Murney Tower. 80th anniversary, along with Shoal Tower. Limelight, September 2005.

Doors Open Kingston 2003: 2nd Annual. Murney Tower with 800 attending. Limelight, September 2003.

Doors Open Kingston 2004: 3rd Annual. Listing of sites open for the event, 18 Sep 04. Limelight, September 2004.

Hill 70 Memorial. Dedicated 8 Apr 2017. Limelight, May 2017.

Hill 70 Memorial. Memorial Opening. Limelight, November 2019.

Hill 70 WW1 monument. Kingston Makes It Happen. Limelight, October 2017.

Macdonald's Anniversary Dinner 2015. 200th Anniv at RMC, Justice Thomas Cromwell. Limelight, March 2015.

McGill, LCol Sydenham Clitherow. And famous father, Peter McGill. Limelight, November 2016.

Murney Tower: 2004. Report on a successful summer. Limelight, October 2004.

Smith, Dr. Donald - Speaker. Macdonald and Aboriginal Policies. Limelight, February 2001.

Smith, Sir Henry Plaque. Representative of Frontenac Cty, Ontario Parliament. Limelight, May 2017.