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Boutilier, Alicia

Municipal Government, Evolution of. Speaker: Dr. Dick Tindal, Professor St. Lawrence Coll. Limelight, November 2011.

Northern Indigenous Art. Speaker: Peter Ginn. Grandmother's collection. Limelight, October 2011.

Painters, the Canadian Group. 1933 - 1969: modern painters modelled on Group of 7. Limelight, April 2013.

Powel, Harriett: escaped slave. Speaker: Jo Stanbridge. Raised her family in Kingston. Limelight, October 2012.

Pump House: Water Works. Speaker: Henk Wevers. "When Coal was King". Limelight, December 2012.

Queen's Relationships with Kingston. Speaker: Duncan McDowall, Orientation, Home Coming. Limelight, September 2012.

Sidewalks: Plank Sidewalks in 1840s. Speaker: Georgina Carley. The mud. Limelight, November 2012.

Signals Corps: Maj. Bruce Carruthers. Speaker: David McCarey. Limelight, February 2012.

Stanbridge, Joanne - Speaker. Harriett Powel, an escaped slave lives in Kingston. Limelight, October 2012.

Tindal, Dr. Dick - Speaker. Evolution of Municiple Government. Limelight, November 2011.

Trumpour, Mark - Speaker. 3 Kingstonians connected with Egypt. Limelight, December 2011.

Walkways: Plank Sidewalks in 1840s. Speaker: Georgina Carley. The mud. Limelight, November 2012.

Wevers, Henk - Speaker. When coal was king in Kingston. Limelight, December 2012.

Boyce, Alan

South Frontenac Museum. Hartington on Hwy 38. Limelight, April 2019.

Bray, McKendry

Bray, Carl - Speaker. Heritage Conservation-Sydenham Ward. Limelight, May 2008.

Heritage Conservation-Sydenham Ward. Speaker: Carl Bray. Limelight, May 2008.

Brites, Joe

Macdonald, SJA. Public panel discussion at The Grand. Limelight, October 2019.

Cardwell, Robert

Pittsburg Historical Society. Their story. Limelight, November 2018.

Carson, Pat

Cataraqui Cemetery. Archeological dig - Summer 1978. Limelight, December 2017.

Coleman, John

Macdonald's Graveside Ceremony 2004. Speaker: Christina Cameron. Director General, NH Sites. Limelight, September 2004.

Shoal Tower: opened to public. 25 Jun 2005: first time opened to public. Over 300 visitors. Limelight, September 2005.

Corbett, Bea

Dainty, Jane in 1930s, Gore St.. Painter, gentle lady. Limelight, November 2003.

Gordon, Daniel Miner, Principal Queen's U. Led the separation of Queen's from Presbyterian Church. Limelight, September 2001.

Kingston Between the Wars. The gentry and the working class. Limelight, May 2012.

Planters: Settlers in Nova Scotia. From New England 1760-68, replaced Acadians. Limelight, September 2001.