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Everitt, Warren

Van Straubenzee, Col. Bowen. Grave markers for family in Cataraqui. Limelight, January 2012.

Van Straubenzee, Col. Bowen. Plaque: St. George's Cathedral.. Limelight, November 2011.

Waldron, Major Stanley Mott. Plaque, St. Goeroge's Cathedral. Limelight, September 2011.

Farr, Dorothy

Douglas, James (Douglas Library). Graduate of Queen's, chemical engineer, philanthropist. Limelight, September 2011.

Farrar, Mary and Ed

Cataraqui River Trail. Project proposal from downtown to Kingston Mills. Limelight, December 2010.

Cataraqui Trail Update. Limelight, February 2011.

Fear, Barbara

Davis Leather Co. Kingston and Newmarket. Sister tanneries from 1903 to 1960s. Limelight, December 2007.

Fechter, Carl

Airfield, original Kingston. A Fortified Town. Limelight, December 2016.

Flanagan, Michael. 1886 newspaper from Peter Ginn. Limelight, March 2017.

Horsey, R.M.. Kingston businessman and social leader. Limelight, November 2017.

Kingston Changes 1846 to 1886. Changes in business ownerships. Limelight, January 2009.

Kingstonians, prominent. William Johnson, Geo. Mink, Chanonhouse, physicians. Limelight, April 2009.

Meagher, Jeremiah - outstanding citizen. Old Stones of Kingston. Limelight, December 2016.

Morton, James. Distiller (Tett Centre), railroading,. Limelight, April 2009.

Ohlke: business owner. Gilder and picture framer on Brock St 1883. Limelight, February 2009.

Seven Cent Store - Mr. Woods. Princess-Wellington: novelties, china, jewelry: 1878. Limelight, February 2009.

Spangenburg Jewelry. 347 King St: 1845. Clocks and watches as well. Limelight, February 2009.

Fielding, Grenda, Home

Museum of Kingston: needed?. James Warren study 1992. 17 specialized museums. Limelight, September 2005.

Fielding, John

Architecture of Kingston's Buildings. Limelight, April 2019.

Markets of Kingston. Limelight, January 2018.

Fielding, John: Editor

Auction: 4th Annual 2007. Art and Artifacts. Limelight, March 2007.

Boese, Mike - Speaker. RCHA - Royal Canadian Horse Artillery. Limelight, February 2009.

City Hall Mayoral Collection restored. Marjorie Simmons, author and leader of restoration. Limelight, October 2006.

Fielding, John. Editor of Limelight steps down after 10 years. Limelight, January 2014.

How Hockey Happened - book launch. Bill Fitsell's book launch - last of a trilogy. Limelight, January 2007.