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Corbett, Bea

Queen's separates from Presbyterian Church. Daniel Miner Gordon, principal: 1903-1917. Limelight, September 2001.

Vosper, George: died 24 May 2009. KHS member deceased. Limelight, November 2009.

Widows in Kingston. How they survived, earned their keep. Limelight, March 2001.

Cosby, Victoria

Cartwright, Harriett. Influential Kingstonian. Limelight, March 2020.

Cossar, Bruce

Historic Kingston - Survey. Launched 1952, 69 volumes. Limelight, March 2020.

Cottrell, Terence

Limelight … replaces THEN. Cottrell explains name, banner, masthead. Limelight, September 1999.

Crosby, Bria

Chung, Pieter: roof of Murney Tower. "A Night in the Barracks". Limelight, January 2020.

Cutway, Nancy

Genealogical Society. Ontario and Local Branch. Limelight, November 2019.

Museum: United Empire Loyalists. History of the local branch. Purpose.. Limelight, March 2020.

Daily British Whig

Chung, Pieter: roof of Murney Tower. 1925 article on founding of museum. Limelight, April 2018.

Davy, Peter

Davy Homestead. Mud Lake Road. Limelight, December 2018.

Dillon, George; Page,David

Birds-eye view: Waterfront 1875. Brosius drawing. Limelight, April 2007.

High School Cadet Corps. KCVI & LCVI: from 1890s to 1960s. Limelight, December 2001.

Kingston: Birds-eye view, Waterfront 1875. Brosius drawing. Limelight, April 2007.

Model Railroad-Pumphouse Steam Museum. Acquired from "Friendly Giant" TV show. Limelight, September 2001.

Pump House Museum. Evolution. Other facilities on display. Limelight, October 2001.

Railroad Roundhouse 1917 - 1970s. Four bays for CPR: Kingston & Pembroke until 1913. Limelight, December 2004.

Railroad, GTR & K&P at waterfront. Changing gauge from 5'6" to 4' 8 1/2" on 3-4 Oct 1873. Limelight, April 2007.

Snapshot: Trains in front of City Hall 1953. CPR train pulls out of Kingston. Limelight, March 2003.

Steam water pumps: City's water supply. Saved in 1950 from demolition. Jack Telgmann. Limelight, October 2001.

Duerkop and Venditti

Commemoration Policy in Kingston. City sets criteria for plaques. Limelight, December 2011.

Dunlop, Sherrill A.

McIntosh Castle. "I lived in McIntosh Castle". Limelight, March 2017.

Durant, Vincent

City Hall Information Posts. Limelight, September 2019.

Grimason, Eliza, owner of Royal Hotel. Macdonald's "Headquarters". Limelight, January 2020.

Macdonald, SJA and Eliza Grimason. Owner of Royal Hotel, Macdonald's "Headquarters". Limelight, January 2020.