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Baxter, Jean Rae

Kidnapped. Reading this book in 2017. Limelight, December 2017.

Bazely and Moorhead

Fort Henry: Garrison Hospital. Excavation by Cataraqui Arch. Research Fnd. Plaque. Limelight, September 2003.

Bazely, Sue

Archaeological Study of Kingston. Journal. Editor: Sue Bazely. Forts and Military Fortifications. Limelight, March 2007.

Boucher, Joe: Editor

Archival Research Techniques. Queen's Archives: series of 3 seminars. Then, January 1992.

Grenville, John - Speaker. Kingston mourns Sir John A Macdonald. Then, January 1992.

Macdonald, SJA - Kingston mourns. Speaker: John Grenville. Then, January 1992.

Museum of Kingston: Proposal. Speaker: Jim Warren. Then, January 1992.

Warren, James - Speaker. Civic Museum for Kingston - the need. Then, January 1992.

Boutilier, Alicia

Badham, Mark - Speaker. Geology of the Kingston area. Limelight, May 2012.

Carley, Georgina - Speaker. Kingston's sidewalks, the mud. Limelight, November 2012.

Carruthers, Maj. Bruce, Signals Corps. Speaker: David McCarey. Limelight, February 2012.

Coal was King. Speaker: Henk Wevers. Limelight, December 2012.

Egyptian Connections - 3 Kingstonians. Speaker: Mark Trumpour. [Wilson, Kidd, Douglas]. Limelight, December 2011.

Fielding, John - Speaker. British Home Children - his father. Limelight, April 2012.

Geology of Kingston area. Speaker: Mark Badham. From 1.1 billion years to now. Limelight, May 2012.

Ginn, Peter - Speaker. Peter's Grandmother's collection of Indigenous Art. Limelight, October 2011.

Home Children, British. Speaker: John Fielding. Personal story of John's father. Limelight, April 2012.

Johnson, John: Parish House. Speaker: Jennifer McKendry. Presbytery, then Nunnery. Limelight, May 2011.

Macdonald's Anniversary Dinner 2012. Speaker: Peter Milliken. Limelight, February 2012.

Macdonald, SJA. Locket: 3 Images. Speaker: Julia McArthur. John, Isabella, son Hugh John. Limelight, November 2013.

McArthuer, Julia - Speaker. Macdonald's locket with three images. Limelight, November 2013.

McCarey, David - Speaker. Maj. Bruce Carruthers, father of the Signal Corps. Limelight, February 2012.

McDowall, Duncan - Speaker. Queen's Relationships with Kingston. Limelight, September 2012.

McKendry, Jennifer - Speaker. John Johnson House or Parish House. Limelight, May 2011.

Milliken, Peter - Speaker. Sir John A. Macdonald. Limelight, February 2012.