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Abbott, John

Smith, Maurice - Speaker. Kingston Dry Dock & Shipyard story. Limelight, February 2006.

Student Project: research WW2 casualties. Speaker: Blake Seward. Smiths Falls school project.. Limelight, May 2005.

VanDalen, Dr. Eric, Martin Reeve-Speakers. Alcan during the war years. Limelight, December 2005.

Wallace, Dr. Robert. Queen's Principal. Speaker: Donna Ivey. Investigation of "quack cures". Limelight, December 2006.

Whig-Standard's Evolution: 1989-2002. Speaker: Dr. Steve Lukits. "Metaphor and Measure". Limelight, April 2005.

Andrews, Betty

KHS, History of. Comprehensive, from 1893 to 2017. Limelight, November 2017.

Andrews, Bob

Cyberspace - used to solve problems. Isle Madame (Cape Breton) churches, Lt Parker. Limelight, May 2006.

Bailey, Shirley

Frontenac Heritage Foundation. Detailed history of the Foundation. Limelight, February 2019.

Memorial Hall Windows. Paul Robertson's Interpretation. Limelight, March 2020.

Muirhead, George. Recipient of Gabrielle Leger Lifetime Award - 2005. Limelight, May 2016.


Fort Frontenac: 330th anniversary. Re-dedicated KHS plaque: Baird and Osborne. Limelight, September 2003.

Banfield, Paul

Mystery Photographs. Encampment for men and women. Limelight, November 2003.

Barnes, Eva

City Hall, Stain-glass Windows. Interpreted by Paul Robertson. Limelight, March 2020.

Clothing: Men's Wear, 19th century. Featuring our own Warren Everett. Limelight, May 2014.

Clothing: Police HQ in City Hall. Historical Costume Lady. Limelight, September 2016.

Cothing, Period. Manufacturing Period Clothing. Limelight, December 2017.

Gower, Peter - Author. WW1 Sites in Kingston. Limelight, September 2014.

K-K-K-Katie origins. Written by Geoffrey O'Hara, 1917 at Collins Bay. Limelight, September 2014.

Macdonald, SJA: Poem to. "Ode to the Statue of Sir John A.". Limelight, February 2012.

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church. QUILL speaker: Rev. Dr. Andrew Johnston. Limelight, April 2020.

Stained glass windows: City Hall. Paul Robertson presentation. Limelight, March 2020.

Van Nest, Paul - Speaker. QUILL speaker: 2 lectures on Yukon Gold Rush. Limelight, April 2020.

WW1 sites in Kingston. Author: Peter Gower. Limelight, September 2014.

Yukon Gold Rush: Sourdoughs, Stampeders. QUILL speaker: Paul Van Nest (2 lectures). Limelight, April 2020.

Baxter, Jean Rae

Kidnapped. Reading this book in 2017. Limelight, December 2017.