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Electa, Rev. Sr. Mary

  • Electa, Rev. Sr. Mary "The History of the Community of the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent De Paul, Kingston." Historic Kingston, vol. 7, 1958, pp. 28-42..

Errington, Jane

  • Errington, Jane "British American Kingstonians and the War of 1812." Historic Kingston, vol. 32, 1984, pp. 35-45.
  • Errington, Jane ""Woman ... Is a Very Interesting Creature": Some Women’s Experiences in Early Upper Canada." Historic Kingston, vol. 38, 1990, pp. 16-35.

Evans, Rt. Rev. Kenneth C., -1970

  • Evans, Rt. Rev. Kenneth C., -1970 "The Intellectual Background of Dr. John Travers Lewis, The First Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Ontario." Historic Kingston, vol. 10, 1961, pp. 37-45.

Farr, Dorothy

  • Farr, Dorothy ""An artist after all": Daniel Fowler in Canada." Historic Kingston, vol. 56, 2008, pp. 99-109.
  • Farr, Dorothy "A Happy Partnership: The Chancellor Richardson Memorial Fund and the Agnes Etherington Art Centre." Historic Kingston, vol. 59, 2011, pp. 89-97.

Ferguson, Katherine

  • Ferguson, Katherine "George Dalrymple Ferguson —— First Professor of History at Queen's University." Historic Kingston, vol. 14, 1965, pp. 51-66.

Fielding, John

Fitsell, Bill

Fleming, Patsy

Flynn, Louis Joseph

Forsdyke, Donald R.

  • Forsdyke, Donald R. "Grant Allen, George Romanes, Stephen Jay Gould and the Evolution Establishments of Their Times... And Who Was the Kingston Lady?." Historic Kingston, vol. 52, 2004, pp. 95-103.

Fraser, Graham

Fraser, Mary Winnett

Fuchs, Terry

  • Barger, ChristianFuchs, Terry "The History of Frontenac Provincial Park: Big Salmon Lake Road." Historic Kingston, vol. 39, 1991, pp. 3-10.

Garcia, Bob