About the Index

Historic Kingston, the journal of the Kingston Historical Society, is a blend of articles, photographs, illustrations and maps detailing various aspects of the rich heritage of Kingston. It has been published since 1952.

Coverage of the Index

This site provides a digitized version of the five print indexes to Historic Kingston published by the Kingston Historical Society. These volumes contained cumulative indexes for Historic Kingston volumes 1-20, 21-25, 26-33, 34-44, and 45-54, respectively. No cumulative indexes have been compiled for subsequent volumes of Historic Kingston.

Name and Subject Indexes

The Name and Subject indexes provide entry points into the various articles found in the volumes 1 to 54 of Historic Kingston. These can be browsed alphabetically, filtered by a specific term or terms, or you can use the Digital Kingston search engine to perform keyword searches of the full-text, digital version of Historic Kingston articles (see below).

Author, Article & Volume Indexes

The Author, Article & Volume indexes include a complete list of articles and authors for the Historic Kingston journal, including those published in volumes 55 to 62, which were not originally included in the print index. These can be browsed alphabetically, filtered by a specific term or terms, or searched by keyword using the DK search engine (see below).

Searching the Index

To search the Historic Kingston Index, follow the instruction on the Digital Kingston Search site. The search functions includes the ability to search just the index as well as to widen the search to a full keyword search of the fully scanned and digitized archive of the journal (see below for information about accessing the digital version).

Where to Find Historic Kingston

A copy of articles from Historic Kingston for individual use can be obtained by contacting the Kingston Frontenac Public Library. Most volumes of Historic Kingston and the five print indexes can be purchased from the Kingston Historical Society. Historic Kingston is available at several public libraries, university libraries, and archives.

How to Obtain a Copy of an Article

Articles from Historic Kingston will be made available on-line at Digital Kingston when permissions from copyright holders have been obtained. Please contact the Publication Committee, Kingston Historical Society, if you hold the copyright for an article and have not received a request to include it on the Digital Kingston website.