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Brumell, Nadine B.

  • Brumell, Nadine B. "El Dorado to Omega Blue —— Notes on Men and Mining in Eastern Ontario." Historic Kingston, vol. 14, 1965, pp. 40-50.

Burns, Sir Andrew (KCMG)

Cameron, Christina

Campbell, Mary I.

Carley, Georgia

  • Carley, Georgia "Mud, Mire and Inconvenience: Walking in Nineteenth-Century Kingston." Historic Kingston, vol. 61, 2013, pp. 104-121.

Carter, Rodney G.S.

  • Carter, Rodney G.S. ""Agreeably surprised and more than pleased": The Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph, the Hotel Dieu Hospital, and Regiopolis College." Historic Kingston, vol. 58, 2010, pp. 21-40.
  • Banfield, PaulCarter, Rodney G.S.Heil, JeremyHughes, DanielleRespondek, Shelley "Early Images of Kingston and Area from Local Archives." Historic Kingston, vol. 58, 2010, pp. 89-118.

Caton, Julie

  • Caton, Julie "Madeleine de Roybon D'Allone: A Female Protagonist in the Founding of Cataraqui?." Historic Kingston, vol. 62, 2014, pp. 45-59.

Clarke, Muriel G. (Mrs. Roger (Shortt) Clarke)

Coderre, Sister Mary (RHSJ)

Cohoe, Margaret

Cohoe, [Margaret?] (President)

  • Cohoe, [Margaret?] (President) "Sir John A. Macdonald Memorial Service, 6 June 1977…President Cohoe's Remarks…." Historic Kingston, vol. 26, 1978, pp. 51-57.

Connelly, Don