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Garvie, Maureen McCallum

  • Garvie, Maureen McCallum "Writing about George Johnson: Second Son of Molly Brant." Historic Kingston, vol. 50, 2002, pp. 106-115.

Geiger, Dorothy

Gibson, Frederick W.

  • Gibson, Frederick W. "President Franklin Roosevelt’s Visit to Queen’s University, 18 August 1938." Historic Kingston, vol. 22, 1974, pp. 9-36.

Gibson, Sarah K.

Gibson-Bray, Sarah

Ginn Fyon, Elizabeth

Ginn, Peter C.

Gray, Amanda

  • Gray, AmandaSt. Onge, David "The Penitentiary Guard: Restoring a Painting, Discovering an Artist." Historic Kingston, vol. 48, 2000, pp. 30-38.
  • Gray, Amanda "Lifting Time’s Veil: The Conservation of City Hall’s Portraits." Historic Kingston, vol. 56, 2008, pp. 33-38.

Grenville, John

Griffiths, Rudyard

  • Griffiths, Rudyard "Ambition and Loyalty: The Making of John A. Macdonald and Confederation." Historic Kingston, vol. 54, 2006, pp. 2-17.

Grimshaw, Louis E.

  • Grimshaw, Louis E. "Fort Frontenac: Over Three Centuries of Service." Historic Kingston, vol. 41, 1993, pp. 22-35.
  • Grimshaw, Louis E. "No. I Armoured Train: Kingston’s Connection, and the Pacific Coast Defence in WWII." Historic Kingston, vol. 51, 2003, pp. 103-115.

Groen, Jason-Emery