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Barlow, Tony

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Bazely, Susan

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Benidickson, Agnes M. (Dr.)

Bennet, Gary (Mayor)

  • Bennet, Gary (Mayor) "Sir John A. Macdonald. Father of a City: Builder of a Nation." Historic Kingston, vol. 45, 1997, pp. 94-99.

Bishop, Evelyn

  • Bishop, EvelynVillebrun, Robert "The Maple Leaf: Kingston's Connection to the American Civil War." Historic Kingston, vol. 43, 1995, pp. 112-122.

Blackler, Jim

  • Blackler, Jim "Kingston Penitentiary Historic Sites Plaque Ceremony on April 30, 1997: The Historical Background of Kingston Penitentiary." Historic Kingston, vol. 46, 1998, pp. 95-97.

Blackwell, John D.

  • Blackwell, John D. "The Radcliffs of Amherst Island: the Vicissitudes of an Anglo Irish Gentry Family during the 1840s." Historic Kingston, vol. 32, 1984, pp. 17-34.

Breck, Wallace

  • Breck, WallaceFitsell, BillOsborne, Brian S. "Major-General Charles Francis Constantine, CB, DSO: the General and the Athlete." Historic Kingston, vol. 50, 2002, pp. 57-76.

Breck, Wallace C.

Breck, Wallace G.

Brock, Thomas L.

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