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Warrick, David

  • Warrick, David "John A. Macdonald, the Bay of Quinte and Prince Edward County 1824-1835." Historic Kingston, vol. 61, 2013, pp. 76-81.

Webster, T. S.

  • Webster, T. S.Lederman, W.R.Gibson, SarahPatterson, Karyn "A Tribute to Sir John A. Macdonald." Historic Kingston, vol. 20, 1985, pp. 46-48.

Wevers, Henk (P.Eng.)

Wilson, John Jason

  • Shea, KevinWilson, John Jason "Lord Stanley and Sir John A. Macdonald: A Long and Dear Friendship." Historic Kingston, vol. 57, 2009, pp. 52-80.

Wilson, W. Michael

  • Wilson, W. Michael "Eleven Years of Dissension: the Conservative Party in Kingston, 1867 to 1878." Historic Kingston, vol. 32, 1984, pp. 46-56.

Wise, S.F.