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Thompson, Frederic F.

Thomson, William D.

  • McQueen, Donald R.Thomson, William D. "A History of the Canadian Locomotive Companies: 1850-1969." Historic Kingston, vol. 48, 2000, pp. 82-97.

Thurlby, Malcolm

  • Thurlby, Malcolm "Nineteenth-Century Churches in Ontario: A Study in the Meaning of Style." Historic Kingston, vol. 35, 1987, pp. 96-110.

Topham, William R.

Trumpour, Isobel

  • Trumpour, Isobel "The Historical Carvings in the Memorial Chamber, The Peace Tower, Parliament Buildings Ottawa: The Kingston Connection." Historic Kingston, vol. 51, 2003, pp. 29-35.

Turner, Larry

Van Dalen, Eric

Varley, Chris

Varty, Carmen Nielson

  • Varty, Carmen Nielson "Their Place in the Church: Pew Renting at St. George 1794-1825." Historic Kingston, vol. 49, 2001, pp. 63-78.

Villebrun, Robert

  • Bishop, EvelynVillebrun, Robert "The Maple Leaf: Kingston's Connection to the American Civil War." Historic Kingston, vol. 43, 1995, pp. 112-122.

Waldhauer, Erdmute

Wall-LaRocque, Barbara