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Wevers, Henk W.: KHS Award 2008

Restoration of the Phoebe. Limelight, January 2009

What Should Still be Standing?

Still Standing. McKendry, Jennifer. Limelight, February 2017

Whig-Standard downsizing 2014

Relations with Whig and KHS; major staff reductions. Fitsell, Bill. Limelight, January 2013

Whig-Standard's "The Journal"

Remembered for its quality and insight. Renfrew, Stewart. Limelight, April 2012

Whig-Standard's Evolution: 1989-2002

Speaker: Dr. Steve Lukits. "Metaphor and Measure". Abbott, John. Limelight, April 2005

White, Carol: KHS Award 1998

Heritage Fairs for last 5 years. Then, January 1999

Widows in Kingston

How they survived, earned their keep. Corbett, Bea. Limelight, March 2001

Wilde, Oscar: 1882 visit

Kingston Through the Years (visitors) by Morley. Limelight, May 2014

Williamson, George - Whig journalist

Speaker: Bill Fitsell. Articles in 1920s and 1930s.. MacLachlan, Alan. Limelight, May 2002

Williamsville Revisited. Book review

Speaker: Lynn Bell. Christmas Party. MacLachlan, Alan. Limelight, January 2005

Williamsville, Kingston subdivision

History by Bonner and Simmons. Upper Princess St.. Then, March 1994

Upper Princess St: Alfred to Traffic Circle. Renfrew, Stewart; Spragge. Limelight, October 2002

Williamsville: Marjoirie Simmons project

Birdseye view of area and fairgrounds. Smithson, Gordon. Limelight, May 2004

Willis, Cameron - Speaker

Kingston Penitentiary: life behind bars. McDowall, Duncan. Limelight, April 2019

Wilson, Dr. Ian - Speaker

Canada's National Archivist at Macdonald's Graveside. MacLachlan, Alan. Limelight, May 2003

Wilson, Ian - appointed National Archivist

KHS roles, KHS Archives at Queen's U.. Limelight, September 1999

Wilson, Jason & Shea, Kevin - Speakers

Stanley of Stanley Cup & SJA Macdonald. Fitsell, Bill. Limelight, September 2008

Wilson, Verna: died 1996

Kingston Public Library 43y, 15y as Chief Librarian. Then, February 1996

Wilton, Simmons Feedmill

Originally Lt. Henry Simmons, Jessup' s Loyal Rangers. Gibson-Langille, Shirley. Limelight, May 2002

Wind Storm on Wolfe Island

80 mph. Trip back on Wolfe Islander. Gibson-Langille, Shirley. Limelight, October 2005

Wise, Sydeny F. 1925 - 2007

Past Pres, Canadian Historical Society. Fitsell, Bill. Limelight, April 2007

Wolfe Island "Ganounkouesnot" book

Well-illustrated book of Wolfe and neighbouring islands. Marshall, Renie. Limelight, September 2001

Wolfe Island Ferry

Speaker: Capt Brian Johnson - stories and memorabilia. MacLachlan, Alan. Limelight, February 2005

Wolfe Island Ferrys: 3 in number

Begun in 1804. Regular schedule since 1857. Bubbler.. Renfrew, Stewart. Limelight, December 2003

Wolfe Island resident: Johnny Wall

Shack on Brophy Point, east end of the island. Gibson-Langille, Shirley. Limelight, January 2004