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Sydenham Ward & Urban Renewal

Speaker: David Gordon. See also Oct'19. McDowall, Duncan. Limelight, November 2019

Sydenham, Horning's Antiques on Mill St.

Jack Horning: batteries, tires, coal, trucking business. Gibson-Langille, Shirley. Limelight, March 2003

Sydenham, Lord

Speaker: Dr. Brent Raycroft. Governor of the Canadas. McDowall, Duncan. Limelight, May 2019

Sydenham: Trousdale General Store

Owed and operated by Noble Trousdale and son John. Gibson-Langille, Shirley. Limelight, December 2003

Sylvester, Jack: died 1999

Husband of member Marjorie. Then, February 1999

Sylvester, Thomas - Speaker

Kingston's Oldest House in Oswego NY. Grimshaw, Lou. Limelight, December 2016

Symphony House Tour

7th Annual Music Lovers House Tour - 8 locations. Limelight, April 2002

Tall Ships

Brigantine. Errington/Osborne: Editors. Limelight, September 2001

Taylor, David - Speaker

Law enforcement - Constable System: 1790-1930. Then, May 1995

Teacher Training Practicum

Exposure to education through museums. Keller, Mercedes. Limelight, May 2019

Teachers, Female

Rules of conduct in 1923. Then, October 1994

Telephone Listings 1883

107 subscribers: 82 businesses, 25 residences. Shirreff, Ginn. Limelight, May 2008

Tett Centre, Stella Buck Bldg, Morton Brew

Possible centre for KHS mtgs, archives, museum. Then, May 1994

Textile Collection in Cdn Museum Civiliz'n

Ruth McKendry Collection and documentation. Limelight, January 2003

Thames, Battle of: War of 1812

Re-enactment attended by Peter and Alison Ginn. Ginn, Peter. Limelight, March 2014


We have so much to be thankful for. Warren, James: Editor. Then, October 1994

The Kingston - passenger ship

Speaker: Rick Neilson. Then, April 1998

THEN Newsletter Costs 1993

Total cost: $243.76 per issue. Then, April 1994

THEN, meaning of the masthead

New Title, new masthead. Warren, James: Editor. Then, January 1992

Thomas, Earle 1916 - 2013

Limelight, February 2013

Thompson, David

Speaker: D'Arcy Jenish. Mapmaker-Great North West. Grenda, Edward. Limelight, October 2009

Thompson, David - Wolfe Island

Speaker: D'Arcy Jenish. Boundaries Commissioner. Grenda, Edward. Limelight, October 2009

Thompson, Doug&Marianne: Award 2015

KHS Award: 2015. Preservation Lower Burial Grounds. Limelight, January 2016

Thomson, Mildred: died 1998

KHS member deceased. Then, March 1998

Thousand Islands: Summer people

Speaker: Susan Smith. Period 1850 - 1910. Limelight, April 2001