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Fitsell, Bill

Redmond, Donald Remembered. Chief Librarian Queen's; editor Historic Kingston. Limelight, January 2015.

Redmond, Donald: Observations - Kingston. Editor: Historic Kingston for 13 years. Limelight, October 2004.

Remembrance Days in Kingston. Locations for recognition. Limelight, November 2009.

Shea, Kevin & Wilson, Jason- Speakers. Stanley of Stanley Cup & SJA Macdonald. Limelight, September 2008.

Shipbuilding History of Kingston 1917-54. Chris Varley, enthusiast. Pictures and calendars. Limelight, January 2005.

St. Lawrence River - Islands. Border between Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River. Limelight, November 2009.

Stanley, Frederick Arthur. Speakers: Jason Wilson and Kevn Shea. Macdonald. Limelight, September 2008.

Sutherland, Capt. James. Book advocates Kingston as home of hockey. Limelight, November 2012.

Sutherland, Capt. James 1920 - 2005. WW1 Vet, founder International Hockey Hall of Fame. Limelight, December 2005.

Trumpour, Bog 1922 - 2006. KHS member deceased. Limelight, October 2006.

Varley, Chris. Shipbuilding history 1917-54. Collection of pictures/calendars. Limelight, January 2005.

Whig-Standard downsizing 2014. Relations with Whig and KHS; major staff reductions. Limelight, January 2013.

Wilson, Jason & Shea, Kevin - Speakers. Stanley of Stanley Cup & SJA Macdonald. Limelight, September 2008.

Wise, Sydeny F. 1925 - 2007. Past Pres, Canadian Historical Society. Limelight, April 2007.

Women leadership in KHS. List of many women and their contributions. Limelight, March 2006.