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Fitsell, Bill

Anniversaries, How to Mark. Peter H. Aykroyd's principles. Limelight, October 2005.

Bank of Montreal. 1818 established in Kingston. Current building 1924. Limelight, March 2005.

Bazely, Susan retires. Outline of her work and contributions. Limelight, May 2011.

Bermingham, Cornelius John 'Spike'. Book Review. RMC grad, WW2, dock-builder. Limelight, April 2001.

Carleton Island: Fort Haldiman. Doug Pippin engaged to clear and mark remains. Limelight, December 1999.

Christmas, 1904: The Daily British Whig. Advertisements and news features. Limelight, December 2004.

Cohoe, Allan J. 1912 - 2007. 25th President 1976-77. Limelight, April 2007.

Collecting and Disbursing Books. Books, magazines, newsletters, newspaper clippings. Limelight, April 2006.

Crystal Palace and Fairgrounds: picture. 1912 byplane flying over. Limelight, September 2004.

Crystal Palace: 1856. Located west of Palace Rd - Wright Cres area. Limelight, October 2008.

Deaccessioning Aritifacts. Museum of Kingston considered. Limelight, April 2011.

Genois, Randolp (Randy): died 2007. Volunteer photographer for the Society. Limelight, October 2007.

Grenville Park - Finnigan's poem. Clarification of Grenville Park gate - Peter Ginn. Limelight, December 2007.

Grenville, Jack: 1923 - 2008. Limelight, March 2008.

Grenville, John retires. Outline of his work and contributions. Limelight, May 2011.

Grenville, Joyce Irene: died 2007. KHS member deceased. Wife of Jack Grenville. Limelight, October 2007.

Historic Kingstons - people vs buildings. The Sribbler analyses HK volumes '85 to '94 vs '95-'04. Limelight, February 2005.

Historical Handbook of Kingston. Proposed by Fitsell starting in 1985. Limelight, January 2010.

Jock Harty Arena Plaque. Citing life of Dr. John Joseph Harty 1874-1919. Limelight, March 2001.

MacKenzie, Helen Joan Finnigan:died 2007. Author-poet-playwright. Limelight, October 2007.

McKim, Irene Embla: died 2001. Painter, friend of KHS. Limelight, December 2001.

Memorial Centre Plaque. 50th Anniversary of laying of cornerstone. Limelight, March 2001.

Myths of Kingston. Including "Kingstie". Limelight, March 2013.

Newspapers serving Kingston. British Whig, Daily Standard, Whig-Standard. Limelight, April 2005.

Red Fife Wheat: David Fife. Was stone cutter at Fort Henry until 1836.. Limelight, May 2005.