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Snyder, Barbara

Fairfield House Museum. Museums of Kingston. Limelight, May 2019.

St. Onge, Dave

Penitentiary Museum. Museums of Kingston. Limelight, September 2016.

Stanley, George F.G.

Macdonald, SJA. Defeated in 1878. Was the poem by Evan MacColl responsible?. Limelight, March 2014.

Stanley, Ruth

Stanley, Ruth. Tribute to her husband George. Limelight, December 2002.

Stepa, Jenny

Museum: Health Care. Museums of Kingston, formerly Nurse's residence. Limelight, April 2017.


Home Children, British. From 1869 to 1949, but less popular from 1920s on. Limelight, March 2004.

Van Nest, Paul

American Civil War: Grant vs Jackson. Speaker: Edwin Bearss, Civil War Round Table. Limelight, May 2002.

City Walking Tour for Rotarians. 5 KHS members interpreted 5 locations on sites. .

Fenian Raids 1866. Speaker: Liam McKone. Limelight, September 2017.

McKone, Liam - Speaker. Fenian Movement. Limelight, September 2017.

Vosper letter to Stephenson

Vosper, George - Recollections. City Hall portico, CPR lands fronting city hall. Limelight, January 2001.

Waddell-Townsend, Joyce

Bank of Montreal. Beginnings in 1818. Limelight, October 2012.

By, Lt. Col. John, birthplace plaque. Frant Church, Kent UK - memorial. Limelight, September 2007.

Home Children, British. Alfred Bartholomew. Limelight, May 2012.

Macdonald's daughter Mary "Baboo". Book review: "Baboo" by Ainslie Manson. Limelight, February 2012.

Stained glass windows Registry. Canada-wide registry. Limelight, April 2004.

Warder, Betty

Justice System (Part 1). Working with the Canadian Justice System. Limelight, September 2016.

Warren, James: Editor

Audio-visual Advice for presentations. Editor's frustration showing through. Still timely advice. Then, May 1996.

Fort Henry Guard: admission of women. One person's view - the editor. See also May'93. Then, April 1993.

History of Kingston: 10,000BC to 2000AD. The 16th Historical Vignette - 4 pages. Then, April 1997.

Janis: Patron of beginnings and endings. Entrance to a new year. Then, January 1993.

Museum of Kingston: Proposal. "From mastodon to nylon"-need for comprehensive museum. Then, February 1992.

Portsmouth Village. Sketch 1869. Then, January 1999.

Separation vote. Editoral by Jim Warren. Then, November 1995.

Streetscapes: from Quebec to Kingston. Preservation of vintage store fronts. Then, February 1994.