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Shaw, Marc

Richardson, George Taylor - Program. Speaker: Peter Gower. Limelight, December 2018.

RMC, Archeology of. Lena Beliveau, Sue Bazely and Bob Banks. .

Van Nest, Paul - Speaker. American Civil War: impact on Confederation. Limelight, February 2018.

Wool Sculptures of Historical Figures. Speaker: Gesina Laird-Buchanan. Limelight, November 2017.

Shirreff, Ginn

Telephone Listings 1883. 107 subscribers: 82 businesses, 25 residences. Limelight, May 2008.

Simmons, Marjorie

Bowell, Mackenzie, PrimeMinister 1894-96. Plaque, Belleville Cemetery but not on Parliament Hill. Limelight, December 1999.

Letter 1849 found between walls, Gore St.. Son writes from Chicago of cholera, friends, needs news. Limelight, December 2002.

Prime Minister Bronze Busts. Parliament Hill - National Pantheon but not Boswell. Limelight, December 1999.

Quaker Cem merged with Cataraqui Cem. 1856: Monument commemorates the event. Limelight, September 2002.

Sinclair and Fielding

War 1812 Conference. Report on success. Limelight, December 2012.

Sinclair, Gordon

War 1812 Conference. "Side Show or Main Event". Limelight, October 2012.

Sly, Gord

Museum: Frontenac County School. Museums of Kingston. Limelight, January 2018.

Museum: Frontenac County School. Formerly Pittsburg Township Hall. Limelight, January 2017.

Smith, Maurice

D'Esterre, John Kinnear 1925 - 2012. Obituary. Limelight, March 2012.

Marine Museum. Museums of Kingston. Limelight, September 2019.

Marine Museum. Curator's Job. Limelight, May 2016.

Ontario Volunteer Awards 2005. President's Message: KHS members recognized. Limelight, December 2005.

World Heritage Listing. Evaluation stage with interviews: Grenville, Everett. Limelight, October 2006.

Smithson, Gord

Art Show: If Walls Could Talk. Held at Bethel Church. Limelight, September 2006.

Frontenac Islands in paintings. Wolfe, Howe Simcoe Islands: Shirley Gibson-Langille. Limelight, September 2002.

Snapshot: LaSalle Causeway 1980. Wooden walk-way beside roadway. Limelight, February 2003.

Smithson, Gordon

Mullin, Edward - grocer & real estate. Divison and William, then Divison and Johnson Streets. Limelight, January 2004.

Railroad: Outer Station 1856 stone original. Usages of the original stone train station. Limelight, March 2005.

Rodger, Clive and Engine for belt-drive. McAllister Towing & Salvage Co. (foot of Gore St.). Limelight, May 2004.

Williamsville: Marjoirie Simmons project. Birdseye view of area and fairgrounds. Limelight, May 2004.