About the Indexes

One of the more daunting tasks of historical or genealogy research is sifting through the vast amounts of information and primary sources available. This is why indexes can play a crucial role in your research: they provide a point of entry into that information, laying out a path through the forest of information.

However, the majority of these indexes still only exist in print, and are inaccessible to digital research. Our aim with the Indexes section of the Digital Kingston is to lower the barrier to accessing these indexes and creating new pathes for research to take.

Index to Historic Kingston

Historic Kingston is the journal of the Kingston Historical Society, and constitutes a wide range of scholarship into the history and heritage of Kingston. The indexes represented on Digital Kingston constitute a full list of Articles and Authors, up to volume 60, as well as indexes for inportant Names and Subjects represented in the journal.

Historic Kingston Newspapers

This Kingston Historic Newspaper Index was the one of the original pieces of work for Digital Kingston. It represents the work of dozens of librarians and scholars who have analyzed hundreds of issues of the original Kingston newspapers. This work was once house in on individual index cards, tucked away in the Local History from of the library, until it was digitized and brought online in it's first incarnation in 2008.