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Then, Volume 19, Number 4, April 1992

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Archives of Ontario, Toronto at 77 Grenville St. Plea for government support

Bajus Brewery: 1857 to present, 308 Wellington St. Many owners/uses. See also Jan'03

Civil War Tours, Led by Dr. Jack Pike & Dr. Don Schurman

Fort Frontenac: from 1680 to present, Speaker: Lou Grimshaw

Grimshaw, Lou - Speaker, Fort Frontenac: French, British, Canada, Education

Jefferys, C.W., Artist. 3 vol Picture Gallery of Canadian History

Museum: United Empire Loyalists, Adolphustown. Museum threatened with closure

Spragge, Dr. Shirley, KHS member. Queen's Archivist starting in 1992

Victoria Cross recipient: Hampton Gray, #31 Service Flying Training School. Fleet Air Arm

Then, Volume 19, Number 3, March 1992

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Breck, Dr. Wallace - speaker, Fort Frontenac 1680 - 1690

Fitzell, Bill: proposal Society's Centennial, Art exhibition of local artists

Fort Frontenac 1680-1690, Speaker: Dr. Wallace Breck

McKim, Irene: member and painter, Two hockey paintings on "Hot Stove League" CBC

Museum: Lennox and Addington, Napanee jail redesigned. 1976

Museum: Pumphouse Steam, Built 1849. Water supplied to old lower town.

Museums in Kingston: KAM, Kingston Assoc of Museums, Galleries & Historic Sites

Museums, Ontario Museum Association,

O Canada, Words in English, French and Mohawk

Rebellion 1872, Captain Philip Bajus - brewer Wellington and Bay

Then, Volume 19, Number 2, February 1992

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Chung, Pieter: roof of Murney Tower, 1992 financial report

Editor of THEN, Joe Boucher 1989-1991, now Jim Warren

Executive 1992,

Marine Museum, Open 7 days a week, special native & French exhibition

Milledge, Frank - President 1992, Biography

Museum of Kingston: Proposal, "From mastodon to nylon"-need for comprehensive museum Warren, James: Editor.