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Osborne, Brian

Machar, Agnes Maule 1837-1927. Sequicentennial. Limelight, January 2017.

McBurney Park: Skeleton Park. Major overview of its story to the present. Limelight, September 2008.

McKendry, Blake: 1919 - 2003. Collector, author, father of Jennifer. Limelight, December 2003.

McKendry, Dr. Jennifer. Speaker: Macdonald Graveside Ceremony. See also Sep07. Limelight, May 2007.

Middle Road 1934 to 1980s Diary. Lillian Clarke, edited by her daughters. Limelight, January 2009.

Millennium begins on 2000 or 2001?. Arguments and history presented briefly by editor. Limelight, December 1999.

Penitentiary: Black inmates. Rev. Hiram Wilson visits from St. Catharines. Limelight, February 2008.

Richan, Don: died 2004. Queen's Archivist. Noted in President's Message. Limelight, March 2004.

Rideau Canal: copper flute. Unique sound heard up to 2 miles. Used when worker lost. Limelight, April 2012.

Romanes, George Jr.. Charles Darwin directed his research. Father at Queen's. Limelight, April 2009.

Women, Pageant of the Famous. 1925: locals dress as the world's famous women. Limelight, February 2010.