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McKendry, Jennifer

Angus, Margaret: 1908 - 2008. Author: "Old Stones of Kingston". Limelight, March 2008.

Architects Working … 1820 - 1920. New Book featuring ~100 Kingston architects. Limelight, October 2019.

Bellevue House. Still Standing. Limelight, October 2017.

Blockhouse: northend on Sydeham St.. North end of Kingston's defensive. Limelight, November 2008.

Cartwright Family. Recorded on cross-stitch-on-paper bookmark. Limelight, April 2006.

Church of the Good Thief. Still Standing. Limelight, May 2016.

City Hall Fires 1840, 1865, 1908. Still Standing. Limelight, October 2016.

Dating Buildings. Use of photography in dating. Limelight, March 2014.

Donald Gordon Centre. Roselawn, Sir Henry Smith. Limelight, May 2017.

Dry Dock - pictures. And current Marine Museum. Limelight, October 2019.

Elizabeth Cottage. Still Standing. Limelight, October 2017.

Elizabeth Cottage. Date built. Limelight, November 2017.

Fort Frontenac: French & British eras. Review of two small books by Sue Bazely. Limelight, November 2007.

Gardiner House. Still Standing: oldest extant brick. Limelight, April 2019.

Gas Works for street lamps. Daily British Whig 21 May 1849. Promotional. Limelight, February 2003.

Grimason, Eliza, owner of Royal Hotel. Macdonald's "Headquarters". Limelight, February 2020.

Horsey, Edward: architect. Elizabeth Cottage, Kingston Penitentiary. Limelight, November 2017.

Jameson Family. Recorded on cross-stitch-on-paper bookmark. Limelight, April 2006.

KHS Formation 1893. And precursor: Literary and Historical Society. Limelight, September 2011.

Kingston 1812 - PA Finan, visitor. Catching 4 foot sturgeon speared beneath the ice. Limelight, December 2006.

Kingston's Defenses: Sydenham St. Topographical maps including northend blockhouse. Limelight, November 2008.

Kingston: full length book on history of. Dr. Harper laments no book on its history by 1906. Limelight, March 2015.

Macdonald, SJA. Royal Tavern. Owned by Eliza Grimason. Limelight, February 2020.

Macdonald, SJA. Royal Tavern. Eliza Grimason and Sir John A.. Limelight, February 2020.

Macdonald, SJA. Unveiling new plaques. John Gerretsen MPP and Mark Gerretsen Deputy Mayor. Limelight, February 2010.