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McKendry, Jennifer

Marine Museum. With pictures of dry dock and facilities. Limelight, October 2019.

McIntosh Castle. Still Standing. Limelight, March 2017.

Nurses Home, Queen's University. Still Standing. Limelight, April 2017.

Penitentiary Escape: Harry Trail killed. David St. Onge. Trail, a guard murdered 1870. Limelight, September 2007.

Penitentiary Museum. Still Standing. Limelight, September 2016.

Penitentiary, Kingston's. Still Standing. Limelight, April 2016.

Photographs and Postcards. Book form: Early Photography in Kingston. Limelight, May 2012.

Photographs, engraving of early Kingston. featuring Martello Towers and Fort Henry. Limelight, September 2012.

Photography - early history. Ambrotypes, daguerrotypes, calotypes, carte de visite,etc. Then, January 1998.

Photography in Kingston from 1841. McKendry collection, incl downtown Kingston bef 1909. Limelight, May 2003.

Pittsburg Township Hall. Still Standing. Limelight, January 2017.

Portsmouth Village book. An Illustrated History. Limelight, October 2010.

Pump House Museum. Still Standing. Limelight, November 2016.

Richardson, George. Frontenac Floor/Wall Tile Co. (Richardson Bathhouse). Limelight, March 2008.

RMC: Commandant's House. Still Standing. .

Simmons, Marjorie: died 2013. KHS member deceased. Limelight, May 2012.

Smith, Sir Henry House. Still Standing: Roselawn, Donald Gordon Centre. Limelight, May 2017.

St. George's Church: first site. Timber construction 1792. 87-89 Lower Union. Limelight, October 2009.

Stewart, J. Douglas: 1934 - 2008. KHS member deceased. Limelight, September 2008.

Vinegar Manufacturers, Kingston. Used for preserving ie pickling.. Limelight, April 2006.

Web Site for Society. Jennifer McKendry's arguments for its establishment. Then, February 1999.

What Should Still be Standing?. Still Standing. Limelight, February 2017.