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McDowall, Duncan

Brandon, Dr. Laura - Speaker. Group of Seven during WW1. Limelight, March 2020.

Brennan, Terri-Lynn - Speaker. Indigenous-White Peoples interaction. Limelight, February 2020.

Cossar, Rev. Bruce - Speaker. An overview of Historic Kingston Journals. Limelight, March 2020.

Gordon, David - Speaker. Sydenham Ward & Urban Renewal. Limelight, November 2019.

Group of Seven during WW1. Speaker: Dr. Laura Brandon. Limelight, March 2020.

Historic Kingston - Journal's history. Speaker: Bruce Cossar. Limelight, March 2020.

Indigenous & White Peoples: Interaction. Speaker: Terri-Lynn Brennan. Limelight, February 2020.

Mackenzie, Alexander. Intro to September's talk. See also Oct'19. Limelight, September 2019.

Ordance Survey of Kingston. Announcement: program by John Grenville. Limelight, November 2019.

Penitentiary, Kingston's. Speaker: Cameron Willis. Life behind bars. Limelight, April 2019.

Raycroft, Dr. Brent - Speaker. Lord Sydenham, 1st Governor of the United Canadas. Limelight, May 2019.

Sydenham Ward & Urban Renewal. Speaker: David Gordon. See also Oct'19. Limelight, November 2019.

Sydenham, Lord. Speaker: Dr. Brent Raycroft. Governor of the Canadas. Limelight, May 2019.

Willis, Cameron - Speaker. Kingston Penitentiary: life behind bars. Limelight, April 2019.