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MacLachlan, Alan

Medland, Harvey - Speaker. Tom MacLeod, Antarctic explorer, Kingstonian. Limelight, October 2003.

Milnes, Arthur - Speaker. Mackenzie, Rogers, Benson - Grits on Macdonald's turf. Limelight, November 2002.

Milnes, Arthur - Speaker. Macdonald's Graveside Ceremony. Limelight, September 2013.

Moore, Jonathan - Speaker. Kingston's Sunken Warships. Prof Dick Preston. Limelight, April 2002.

Moore, Jonathan - Speaker. Underwater Archaeology in the Rideau Canal. Limelight, April 2004.

Nickle, W.F.: Mayor, MPP, MP 1911-1919. Speaker: Christopher McCreery. Limelight, May 2003.

Peace Tower, Memorial Chamber. Speaker: Isobel Trumpour. Limelight, May 2002.

Pelletier, Yves - Speaker. Macdonald Graveside Ceremony. Belleview House. Limelight, September 2011.

Pike, Jack - Speaker. RMC's Currie Hall ensignia and unit listings. Limelight, January 2002.

Pippin, Doug - Speaker. Archaeologist, Oswego State. Carleton Island's fort. Limelight, October 2004.

Publishing History, a workshop. Orland French. Limelight, October 2004.

Rideau Canal: Underwater Archaeology. Speaker: Jonathan Moore. Limelight, April 2004.

RMC: Currie Hall. Speaker: Jack Pike on ensignias and listings. Limelight, January 2002.

Show and Tell - 2002. 9 speakers. Limelight, March 2002.

Smith, Maurice - Speaker. Garden Island: timber and shipping. Calvin family. Limelight, September 2004.

St. Mary's Cathedral: Bell Tower. KHS visit. Renovated in 1990s. Limelight, September 2003.

Ukrainian Detainees 1914 - 1920. Fort Henry and 23 others facilities in Canada. Limelight, December 2003.

Warrick, Dr. David - Speaker. Macdonald's roots in Picton. Limelight, September 2012.

Warships, Kingston's Sunken. Speaker: Jonathan Moore. Limelight, April 2002.

Williamson, George - Whig journalist. Speaker: Bill Fitsell. Articles in 1920s and 1930s.. Limelight, May 2002.

Williamsville Revisited. Book review. Speaker: Lynn Bell. Christmas Party. Limelight, January 2005.

Wilson, Dr. Ian - Speaker. Canada's National Archivist at Macdonald's Graveside. Limelight, May 2003.

Wolfe Island Ferry. Speaker: Capt Brian Johnson - stories and memorabilia. Limelight, February 2005.