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MacLachlan, Alan

Heritage Fair - Winners: 2004. Alene parr, Calvin Rubens, Mallory Alcock. Limelight, October 2004.

Honours from the Crown: Titular. MP Nickel ended hereditary honours to Canadians. Limelight, September 2003.

Laxer, James: died 2018. Died before his talk on 6 Jun 2018. Limelight, March 2018.

Léveillé-Shields, Anne-Marie - Speaker. Lost Villages, Found Communities: StLawrenceSeaway. Limelight, December 2004.

Lost Villages, Found Communities. Speaker: Léveillé-Shields. St Lawrence Seaway. Limelight, December 2004.

Macdonald's Anniversary Dinner 2002. Speaker: Flora MacDonald. Limelight, February 2002.

Macdonald's Anniversary Dinner 2004. Speaker: Peter MacKay, MP. Limelight, February 2004.

Macdonald's Graveside Ceremony 2003. Speaker: Ian Wilson, Nat Archivist. See also May'03. Limelight, September 2003.

Macdonald's Graveside Ceremony 2008. Speaker: Roy MacSkimming: "What would SJA Do?". Limelight, September 2008.

Macdonald's Graveside Ceremony 2009. Speaker: Dr. Ged Martin. Limelight, September 2009.

Macdonald's Graveside Ceremony 2011. Speaker: Yves Pelletier on Belleview House. Limelight, September 2011.

Macdonald's Graveside Ceremony 2012. Speaker: Dr. David Warrick - Macdonald's Picton roots. Limelight, September 2012.

Macdonald's Graveside Ceremony 2013. Speaker: Arthur Milnes. Limelight, September 2013.

Macdonald's Graveside Ceremony 2014. Speaker: John Boyko. Limelight, September 2014.

Macdonald's Graveside Ceremony 2015. Speaker: The Honorable Bob Rae. Limelight, September 2015.

Macdonald's Graveside Ceremony 2016. Speaker: Donna M. Ivey, 124th anniversary. Limelight, September 2016.

Macdonald's Graveside Ceremony 2017. Speaker: The Hon. Hugh Segal: ceremony held inside. Limelight, September 2017.

Macdonald's Graveside Ceremony 2018. Speaker: Dr. Patrice Dutil. .

Macdonald's Graveside Ceremony 2019. Speaker: Christopher Moore. Limelight, September 2019.

MacKay, Peter MP - Speaker. Macdonald Anniversary Dinner 2004. Limelight, February 2004.

Mackenzie, Ross - Speaker. Fort Frederick from 1783 to the present. Limelight, January 2002.

MacLeod, Tom: Antarctic explorer. Speaker: Harvey Medland. Last 37 years in Kingston. Limelight, October 2003.

MacSkimming, Roy - Speaker. Macdonald Graveside Ceremony. Limelight, September 2008.

Martin, Dr. Ged - Speaker. Macdonald Graveside Ceremony. Limelight, September 2009.

Masonic Temple: 1923. Formerly the Congregational Church. Limelight, October 2001.