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Grimshaw, Lou

Archeology, burial sites - program. Speaker: Sue Bazely. Limelight, April 2017.

Baxter, Jean Rae - Speaker. John Graves Simcoe and wife Elizabeth. Limelight, February 2017.

Bazely, Sue - Speaker. Archeology - burial sites. Limelight, April 2017.

Bray, Lucinda - Speaker. Wartime Housing and life of the inhabitants. Limelight, May 2016.

Cartwright, Prof John - Speaker. The Cartwrights of Kingston. Limelight, September 2016.

Cartwrights of Kingston. Speaker: Prof John Cartwright. Limelight, September 2016.

Hill 70 WW1. Speaker: Lt Col Arthur Jordan. Limelight, November 2016.

Jordan, Lt Col Arthur - Speaker. Hill 70 Project and local leadership. Limelight, November 2016.

Kingston's Oldest House in Oswego-prgm. Speaker: Thomas Sylvester. Limelight, December 2016.

Letourneau, Marcus - Speaker. Ronald Way: Conservation Legacy in Canada. Limelight, October 2016.

Simcoe, John Graves & Elizabeth-Program. Speaker: Jean Rae Baxter. Limelight, February 2017.

Sylvester, Thomas - Speaker. Kingston's Oldest House in Oswego NY. Limelight, December 2016.

Wartime Housing Daily Life. Speaker: Lucinda Bray. A social study. Limelight, May 2016.

Way, Ronald - Restoration in Canada. Speaker: Marcus LeTourneau. Limelight, October 2016.