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Grenda, Edward

Archivists of Kingston - Speakers. Banfield, Heil, Hughes, Respondek, Carter. Limelight, December 2009.

Awards Ceremony at Ft Frontenac Mess. Awards to Bea Corbett and Brit Smith. Limelight, January 2010.

Boutilier, Alicia - Speaker. Heritage Quilt Collection, Agnes Etherington Art Ctr. Limelight, April 2011.

Carter, Rodney - Speaker. Religious Hospitalers to Hotel Dieu Hospital. Limelight, April 2009.

Constantine Arena. 50th anniv celebration. Puck dropped by Peter Ginn. Limelight, March 2010.

Cossar, Rev. Bruce - Speaker. Robert Drummond: Shipbuilder, canal builder. Limelight, November 2009.

Drummond, Robert. Speaker: Bruce Cossar. Shipbuilder, canal builder. Limelight, November 2009.

Fall of New France: 1760, not 1759. Speaker: Robert Andrews. Seige of Montreal, Sep 1760. Limelight, November 2010.

Fox, Arthur Meredith. Obituary. Limelight, September 2010.

HMCS Cataraqui. Speaker: Chris Varley. Formed in Sep 1939. Limelight, December 2010.

Jenish, D'Arcy - Speaker. St. Lawrence Seaway: April 1959. Limelight, May 2009.

Laforce, Rene-Hippolyte. Speaker: David More. Role 1759 capture of Ft Niagara. Limelight, February 2010.

Linton, Prof. Jamie - Speaker. Water quality at Richardson Beach: good-bad-good. Limelight, September 2009.

Macdonald, SJA. How to spell it. McDonald, MacDonald, but Macdonald is correct. Limelight, May 2009.

MacLachlan, Alexander (Sandy) 1924-2008. KHS member deceased. Limelight, May 2008.

Murney Tower report 1999. Limelight, October 1999.

Nursing Education in Kingston. Speaker: Paul Robertson. Variety of schools of nursing. Limelight, April 2010.

Olympic Flame visits Kingston. 1976, 1987 (Calgary Winter), 2009 (Vancouver). Limelight, December 2009.

Portrait Competition, Canada's National. Speaker: Julian Brown. 471 entries for $10,000 prize. Limelight, September 2010.

Pritchard, Prof. James - Speaker. Shipbuilding in Kingston during WW2. Limelight, February 2011.

Quilt Collection, Heritage. Speaker: Alicia Boutilier. Agnes Etherington Art Ctr. Limelight, April 2011.

Religious Hospitalers. Speaker: Rodney Carter. Evolution to Hotel Dieu. Limelight, April 2009.

Richardson Family, Benefactors. Speakers: Dorothy Farr and Brian Osborne. Limelight, October 2010.

Shipbuilding in Kingston: WW2. Speaker: Prof James Pritchard. 9 corvettes, 40 other. Limelight, February 2011.

St. Lawrence Seaway: April 1959. Speaker: D'Arcy Jenish. Limelight, May 2009.