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Gibson-Langille, Shirley

Adolphustown: Allison House 1876. Amelia Allison b 1853. Limelight, October 2002.

Armstrong Farm, Herb - Wolfe Island. Limelight, May 2011.

Artists, The Kingston Artists Workshop. Founded in 1960. List of members. Limelight, April 2006.

Barber Shop of Ernie Warmington. 373 King St. E. Friend of Dollar Bill. Limelight, September 2001.

Barnes, Mother: Witch of Plum Hollow. Predictions of thefts and even identifying a murderer. Limelight, May 2004.

Battersea: square stone office building. "The Bucket of Blood", office of Grist Mill. Limelight, April 2003.

Battersea: Ye Olde Barber Shoppe. A hardware store too.. Limelight, April 2001.

Boat that never floated: Nancy J. Capsized as soon as launched; wheelhouse too heavy. Limelight, April 2002.

Brewery, Kingston: Bejus. 308 Wellington St. since 1793. Interior a ruin. Also Apr'92. Limelight, January 2003.

Brock St. in 1963. Hall's Plumbing, Domas Gallery, Murphy's Seafood. Limelight, September 2005.

Camera Kingston. Formerly Jackson Metivier's Ladies Clothing Wear. Limelight, October 2013.

Cataraqui's Columbarium painting. Painting in a cemetery. Limelight, December 2004.

Catholic Apostolic Church. 285 Queen St evolves to Renaissance Event Venue. Limelight, March 2012.

Coast Guard Rescue Boats. Bittern described. Built 1982 in Kingston. Limelight, February 2006.

Dawn House. Created by Sisters of St. Joseph and Providence. Limelight, November 2012.

Dollar Bill. Friend of barber Ernie Warmington. Limelight, September 2001.

Dredge and Dock Co.. Opened 1867, closed 1986. Ship building and repair. Limelight, September 2003.

Elevator, Grain. Painting 2/3: Interior. Limelight, March 2004.

Elevator, Grain. Painting 1/3 of ships beside Elevator. Limelight, February 2004.

Embassy Restaurant, Princess St.. formerly New York Candy/Soda, the Silver Grill. Limelight, February 2002.

Garden, Secret. A fantasy garden was actually not a beautiful any longer. Limelight, February 2005.

Grand Theatre, Saving the. Formerly Martin's Opera 1879. Grand Opera 1902.. Limelight, April 2005.

Gray, Herb - Speaker Macdonald's Grave. A coincidence with a Toronto Star writer. Limelight, April 2004.

Grey, Margaret (nee Macdonad). Home on 1000 Island Pwky. Relative of SJA. Limelight, September 2004.

Hanson & Edgar Printers: Brock St. 1962 fire destroyed building. Now Hansen Parking Lot. Limelight, November 2004.