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Gibson-Langille, Shirley

Painting in Algonquin Park. "Away From It All" acknowledged by Grant Macdonald. Limelight, January 2006.

Penitentiary, Kingston's. Tour and impressions left. Limelight, December 2013.

Pierce, Alfie: Queen's advocate. Son of runaway slave. Mythic figure of Queen's teams. Limelight, November 2002.

Sandhurst: Sherwood-Seymour Store. 1780s, after 1791 moved to Hwy 33, destroyed 1999. Limelight, December 2002.

School, Wellington Street. 47 Wellington: also Badminton Club, HMCS Cataraqui. Limelight, May 2009.

Sewing Machines Store, Simkins. From 1863 to 2013. Limelight, January 2014.

Shriners in Kingston: hospitals. Noble Angus McGregor, father of Shirley.. Limelight, March 2006.

Simmons, Marjorie's Gramma's House. 450 Frontenac St. painting. Limelight, March 2011.

Stained glass window CataraquiCemChapel. From All Saints Church, Redan: dedicated to Macdonald. Limelight, May 2004.

Storrington Township. Drawing of an original school house. Then, September 1997.

Strathcona Cement Works. Ruins painted. Limelight, September 2002.

Summer Kitchen: Portsmouth Village. Dorothy Wilson's home. Limelight, January 2002.

Switzerville: Peter and Dorothy Miller. Home built 1830s by great-grandfather. Limelight, February 2003.

Sydenham, Horning's Antiques on Mill St.. Jack Horning: batteries, tires, coal, trucking business. Limelight, March 2003.

Sydenham: Trousdale General Store. Owed and operated by Noble Trousdale and son John. Limelight, December 2003.

Tom's Shoe Repair 1980-2013. History of the building next to Macdonald's Law Office. Limelight, September 2013.

Trading Post, 49 Princess St in 1964. "Weird and wonderful treasures". Limelight, May 2005.

Turk's Used Furniture Store. From 1901 to 2013. Limelight, January 2014.

Walls on King St. Walls attached to King St homes. Limelight, May 2006.

Washburn Rd at canal: business office. Perfect Tile and Brick Company. Limelight, December 2001.

Wellington Street painting 1962. Businesses then and now. Limelight, December 2006.

Wellington Street School. 47 Wellington: also Badminton Club, HMCS Cataraqui. Limelight, May 2009.

Wilton, Simmons Feedmill. Originally Lt. Henry Simmons, Jessup' s Loyal Rangers. Limelight, May 2002.

Wind Storm on Wolfe Island. 80 mph. Trip back on Wolfe Islander. Limelight, October 2005.

Wolfe Island resident: Johnny Wall. Shack on Brophy Point, east end of the island. Limelight, January 2004.