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Fielding, John

Architecture of Kingston's Buildings. Limelight, April 2019.

Markets of Kingston. Limelight, January 2018.

Fielding, John: Editor

Auction: 4th Annual 2007. Art and Artifacts. Limelight, March 2007.

Boese, Mike - Speaker. RCHA - Royal Canadian Horse Artillery. Limelight, February 2009.

City Hall Mayoral Collection restored. Marjorie Simmons, author and leader of restoration. Limelight, October 2006.

Fielding, John. Editor of Limelight steps down after 10 years. Limelight, January 2014.

How Hockey Happened - book launch. Bill Fitsell's book launch - last of a trilogy. Limelight, January 2007.

Ivey, Donna M. - Speaker. Sailors on Kingston's shores. Limelight, December 2013.

Kingston - Summer 1958. Limelight, October 2013.

Lower Burial Ground. Established in 1783. Brief article on pg 2. Limelight, September 2010.

Macdonald's Anniversary Dinner 2010. Featuring Charlotte Gray, speaker at RMC. Limelight, February 2010.

Macdonald's Graveside Ceremony 2010. Speaker: Dr. William Glover. See also May'10. Limelight, September 2010.

Mayors, Portrait Collection at City Hall. Portraits restored, led by Marjorie Simmons. Limelight, October 2006.

RCHA Unit - "Gunners". Speaker: Mike Boese. Limelight, February 2009.

Sailors on Kingston's Shores. Speaker: Donna Ivey. Captain Irwin and his son. Limelight, December 2013.

Simmons, Marjorie - restoration of portraits. City Hall, portraits of mayors. Limelight, October 2006.

Steamboats: "Steamboats on the Lakes". Maurice Smith's book review. Limelight, January 2006.

Trumpour, Isobel: died 14 Dec 2010. KHS member deceased. Limelight, January 2011.

Vosper, George: died 24 May 2009. KHS member deceased. Limelight, September 2009.

Walking History Kingston. "Exploring Downtown Kingston", McKendry-Osborne. Limelight, September 2006.