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Fechter, Carl

Airfield, original Kingston. A Fortified Town. Limelight, December 2016.

Flanagan, Michael. 1886 newspaper from Peter Ginn. Limelight, March 2017.

Horsey, R.M.. Kingston businessman and social leader. Limelight, November 2017.

Kingston Changes 1846 to 1886. Changes in business ownerships. Limelight, January 2009.

Kingstonians, prominent. William Johnson, Geo. Mink, Chanonhouse, physicians. Limelight, April 2009.

Meagher, Jeremiah - outstanding citizen. Old Stones of Kingston. Limelight, December 2016.

Morton, James. Distiller (Tett Centre), railroading,. Limelight, April 2009.

Ohlke: business owner. Gilder and picture framer on Brock St 1883. Limelight, February 2009.

Seven Cent Store - Mr. Woods. Princess-Wellington: novelties, china, jewelry: 1878. Limelight, February 2009.

Spangenburg Jewelry. 347 King St: 1845. Clocks and watches as well. Limelight, February 2009.