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MacLachlan, Alan

Andrews, Robert James: died 2013. Obituary. Limelight, December 2013.

Artifacts Show and Tell at AGM. First "annual" - many artifacts and pictures. Limelight, March 2001.

Auction: 1st Annual 2004. At AGM. Almost $1,000 raised. Limelight, March 2004.

Auction: 2nd Annual 2005. At AGM. List of some items auctioned. Limelight, March 2005.

Aykroyd, Peter and sister Judy Harvie. Researching their family for their stories. Limelight, October 2002.

Bradstreet captures Ft. Frontenac. Speaker: Robert Andrews. Limelight, April 2003.

Carleton Island: Fort Haldiman. Speaker: Doug Pippin, Oswego State College. Limelight, October 2004.

Congregational Church 1864-1921. Purchased by 5 Masonic Lodges: opened 1923. Limelight, October 2001.

Cummings, Dr. Thomas Clarence, painter. Speakers: Brian Osborne, Douglas Petty. Limelight, November 2004.

Davies, Robertson. Speaker: Bea Corbett - personal encounters. Limelight, May 2002.

Dutil, Dr. Patrice - Speaker. Macdonald Graveside Ceremony. .

Excursion, 1st Annual 2002, Ottawa. Earnscliff (SJA), Kingsmere (King and House Speakers). Limelight, November 2002.

Excursion, 2nd Annual 2004. Prince Edward County. See also Sep'04. Limelight, November 2004.

Excursion, 3rd Annual 2005. Ottawa and Merrickville. Limelight, November 2005.

Excursion, 4th Annual 2006. Sacket's Harbour. See also Sep'06. Limelight, November 2006.

Excursion, 5th Annual 2007. Rideau Canal tour with 50 participants. See also May'07. Limelight, November 2007.

Excursion, 6th Annual 2008. Singer Castle, Remington Museum, Brockville. Limelight, November 2008.

Excursion, 7th Annual 2009. Estate of Col. Sam McLaughlin, Air Force Museum. Limelight, September 2009.

Excursion, 8th Annual 2010. Loyalist Routes and Glengarry County. Limelight, October 2010.

First Congregationalist Church: 1864. Tour by Jennifer McKendry. Limelight, May 2002.

Fort Frederick: RMC. Speaker: Ross Mackenzie. Limelight, January 2002.

Fort Henry: Internment Camp 1914-1920. Speaker: Dr. Lubomyr Luciuk. Ukrainian detainees. Limelight, December 2003.

Fosdyke, Donald - Speaker. Romanes, an associate of Charles Darwin. Limelight, November 2003.

Garden Island, timber and shipping. Speaker: Maurice Smith. Calvin family 1830s to 1914. Limelight, September 2004.

Grimshaw, Lou - Speaker. Defense of West Coast WW2. Armoured train. Limelight, December 2002.