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Gower, Peter

American Civil War and Kingston. Speaker: Bruce Cossar. Limelight, May 2018.

Battery 22nd. Royal Cdn Field Artillery. WW1 flag ensconced in St. George's Cathedral. Limelight, March 2004.

Baxter, Jean Rae - Speaker. Joseph Brant. Limelight, November 2015.

Brant, Joseph. Speaker: Jean Rae Baxter. Limelight, November 2015.

Cossar, Rev. Bruce - Speaker. Kingston during the American Civil War. Limelight, May 2018.

Jack the Ripper. The 5 women victims. Limelight, February 2020.

Memorial Wall, Memorial Centre. 1,022 names listed. Limelight, November 2012.

Portsmouth Village War Memorial: WW1. Proposal for flagpole, plaque and 2 canon. Limelight, March 2007.

Richardson, George. Bequests left to Art, Athletics, Bath House, etc. Limelight, April 2008.

World War II. Documentary film review. Limelight, February 2019.

WW1 fatalities. Names listed. Limelight, April 2008.

WW1 Life in Kingston, June 1914. From the newspapers. Limelight, May 2014.