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Barnes, Eva

City Hall, Stain-glass Windows. Interpreted by Paul Robertson. Limelight, March 2020.

Clothing: Men's Wear, 19th century. Featuring our own Warren Everett. Limelight, May 2014.

Clothing: Police HQ in City Hall. Historical Costume Lady. Limelight, September 2016.

Cothing, Period. Manufacturing Period Clothing. Limelight, December 2017.

Gower, Peter - Author. WW1 Sites in Kingston. Limelight, September 2014.

K-K-K-Katie origins. Written by Geoffrey O'Hara, 1917 at Collins Bay. Limelight, September 2014.

Macdonald, SJA: Poem to. "Ode to the Statue of Sir John A.". Limelight, February 2012.

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church. QUILL speaker: Rev. Dr. Andrew Johnston. Limelight, April 2020.

Stained glass windows: City Hall. Paul Robertson presentation. Limelight, March 2020.

Van Nest, Paul - Speaker. QUILL speaker: 2 lectures on Yukon Gold Rush. Limelight, April 2020.

WW1 sites in Kingston. Author: Peter Gower. Limelight, September 2014.

Yukon Gold Rush: Sourdoughs, Stampeders. QUILL speaker: Paul Van Nest (2 lectures). Limelight, April 2020.